October 17, 2002

Firmly Fall

The nights are crisp, mornings come with a blanket of frost and the summer vegetation has passed from colorful to just plain dead. Still you don't need to wax those boards just yet, for as predicted the snow of a couple of weeks ago quickly disappeared and no replacement seems imminent. The biting Lost Boy wind at the top of the Timber chair certainly seemed to have a hint of winter in it, but down below it was another in a string of very nice fall days.

There is some activity on the hill these days with various small episodes of tree slaying and run trimming going on. The most intriguing of these is the work I saw going on around the cat track that bypasses lower Deep Sea. I could not tell what was actually going on, but any sort of improvements in this area would certainly be a 'good thing'.

There was interesting looking survey work taking place on Silver Fox a couple of days ago and I could hear the growl of angry sounding heavy machinery coming from that vicinity as I walked down Meadow today. I was later told that some sort of jump was being built, presumably for the entertainment and edification of the bored skiers, boarders and budding paramedics dangling from the glacial Deer chair.

Coming up on six o'clock tonight it is still 12 C under a hazy overcast down here at the house.

Hazy skies and frost killed foliage leave Timber Bowl looking a bit barren. This was taken from the top of the Timber chair and the top of White Pass is visible in the upper center.

A skidder and cat pursue unknown, but intriguing tasks near the bottom of the Deep Sea intermediate trap.

The valley sporting fall yellows - alas red is not a big feature of autumn here.

A few wisps of snow cling to Mammoth Head as seen from the Timber Chair off load.

Knot Chutes.

The only purpose of this picture of the Timber chair top station, is to show the new radio mast on the knoll above it. Excitement comes in small doses this year.

The bottom of the White Pass chair.