October 01, 2002

The First Tease

The rain stopped and the clouds cleared today to reveal the peaks draped in white. Sure we all know that this early season snow is almost certain to quickly disappear at all but the highest elevations, but it certainly looked nice and even just trudging around in it really got the ski juices flowing.

Anyone wanting to play in it had to do a little hiking first though. While there were a few flakes at the house last night, there was no accumulation down here at the base. When I wandered up this afternoon, it wasn't until I was nearly at the Bear's Den that I encountered any and it was melting fast. Upon returning not long afterwards it was already significantly diminished.

Up at the top of Bear though, the snow was above my hiking boots and perhaps even ski boot deep - definitely enough to have been a decent little dump if it had fallen on an existing base. Even up there it was melting, but for a little while one could look around and imagine that ski season was much closer than the two months off it actually is.

Griz Peak shows off its new coat of snow.

Lizard Bowl from just below the Bear's Den.

Arrow and Sunnyside.

Upper Bear complete with a few of the many beast tracks that appear once there is snow to record them. Fortunately I saw none that fell into the craigovore category.

Speaking of dumb beasts, here is the obligatory early season mark of the skiff boarder.

Top of the Bear lift complete with the pickup truck that obligingly made the wheel tracks for me to follow. Without them I doubt I would have been interested in dragging my old bones this far up through the slop.

Looking back into Lizard from the top of the Bear Chair.

Griz Peak and the gun tower.