September 22, 2002

The First Day of Fall

It has been a lean summer for news of interest to FAR skiers and boarders, but the first official day of fall seemed like a good time to at least change the pictures and dust off the text on the report. Apart from a sugaring up on the Sisters one day, there has been no sign of snow yet, but the temperatures are falling and especially farther up on the mountain, fall colours are starting to take over.

I haven't seen much evidence of slope changes this summer, although a new cat track has been cut across Lizard bowl from the bottom of Easter Bowl to the cat track over China Wall. Beyond Easter there is a rough trail cut over the top of the Window's chutes to Decline, but when I last checked it didn't go any further.

About the only other news of interest I have is that I hear the day passes are going up to $59.92 this year. This may seem like an odd number, but it is the old price with the GST now added on instead of being included. Oh those clever ski hill folks - a little sleight of hand and they get a seven percent increase while still claiming the old price. I guess I am getting older and stingier, but $60 a pop seems like it would work out to a lot per run for most folks. :-(

I notice that the El Nino tainted long range forecasts for this winter aren't exactly encouraging at the moment, but fortunately, neither is their reliability. Still with only two and a half months to go until the hoped for opening day it might be time for us to all start schmoozing the deities of our choice in the hopes of getting them to put in a good word with the powder gods.

Currie Bowl and Polar Peak from the start of Trespass Trail.

Mount Fernie, the Three Sisters and Mt Proctor.

The Currie Chutes with the lower saddle in the middle. also from the start of Trespass Trail. It is also the start of the downhill mountain bike race course used this summer, but while I had ridden up on my fancy new bump eating bike, I still have the same old wussy body and so rode back down the easy way. :-)

Looking up the White Pass Chair from the bottom.

And up the Timber Chair from the same spot.

Bottom of White Pass and Heartland.

The view back down the Timber Chair.