May 08, 2002

Winter Held Over

We may not have gotten the major dump of snow that Calgary just did, but it sure hasn't been looking like the middle of May around here. Lawns, driveways and cars were all once again blanketed in white. This afternoon's sun did finally clear our yard again, but there is still plenty of snow up on the hill and the mountain bikes are pining for exercise.

The nice weather and fresh snow encouraged lots of hikers and I heard reports of pretty nice snow up top. However by the top of Deer my main concern was not heading up to steeper stuff, but rather wondering how I would make it down through the heavy glup on the lower mountain on my cross country gear and associated pathetic snow plows. Let's just say it wasn't pretty, but I survived with limbs intact, the scenery was great and it was a just nice day to be up on the hill. It is even still possible to ski to the base, albeit only with careful route selection on the lowest part of the hill.

This was really just an excuse to celebrate a sunny day by changing the pictures, so I don't really have much else to say. It would appear I was wise to take advantage of that sun, for clouds are gathering and there was even a light sprinkle of snow a few minutes ago.

Currrie still sports lots of snow and not a few tracks.

Lizard and Bear.

A closer look at Currie from the top of Meadow.

The top of Deer with Mount Fernie and friends in the background.

Looking down Silver Fox from the top of Deer.

Tracks on Sky Dive.

This fellow is a patroller from Mount Tremblant out to tree plant for the summer. The snow hasn't been great for earnings, but he seemed to be coping by getting in a few runs. That is China Wall in the background.