April 03, 2002

A Pretty Day on the Slopes

Bright sunshine and pleasant temperatures made it a great day to suck up the mountain air and vistas. The snow was sort of spring average - delightful where the sun had done its job and definitely not where it hadn't. With an eye for sun angles and shade patterns you could find some pretty nice off piste snow, but the margin for error was often small.

On an afternoon trip down Snake Main I started out on a somewhat crunchy and lumpy surface, but then happened upon a strip of wonderful sun softened snow on the roll between Gorbi and Snake Main. This strip wasn't very wide, but continued all the way down to the Gorbi tree band. Below this though, it was pretty firm, even in the sun bathed expanse below the trees.

Over in Currie, the upper part of 1,2,3 was still surprisingly good, although most of the rest of Currie seemed to be frozen down to near the bottom of the gully. I didn't actually try Currie Chutes, but the mogul field at the bottom was still frozen, which did not bode well for the stuff above.

Not many folks were venturing off piste though, apparently preferring the more certain delights of cruising. I took a couple of runs with friends on the main Lizard expressways which were indeed very good and my more cruiser compatible companions clearly thought it was a wonderful day.

At 18:30 it is 2 C and clear at the house.

Looking up past the gun tower at upper Lizard Bowl and the top of the Face Lift.

Looking across Snake Main at Cedar Bowl and upper Cedar Ridge. Note the fine snow quality on Snake. ;-)

Down from the same spot. The snow on this roll had been very good to this point, but everything was pretty hard from here down.

Lizard Bowl and the top of the Bear lift from Cascade.

The Knot Chutes are in the background of this shot from the junction of Hundred Percent and Heartland.

Mammoth Head above Heartland.

Currie Bowl, the town of Fernie and the Elk Valley from 1,2,3.