March 25, 2002

Not Bad for a Spring Day

I am not much of a fan of the morning rattle, afternoon slog typical of spring skiing, but with the benefit of reduced expectations, this afternoon's skiing was not bad. There was no sign of ice and as long as you stayed on things that were reasonably well trodden, the skiing was viscous, but not in that suck the boots off your feet way. One was probably also wise to avoid long low traverses like that coming out of Siberia, which I heard was less than a treat.

I pretty much stuck to North facing slopes, but a mid afternoon trip down Sunny Side was quite doable, although perhaps a smidgen shy of pleasant. The KC chutes were also passable despite the marginal skiing sign, but a gentle touch was best on its less compacted mushy snow. My few ventures into trees of any tightness threatened more familiarity with the health care system than I wished, so the day's fare was pretty much made up of moguls.

The sun, apparently realizing I was carrying the camera, slipped behind the clouds during my first ride up and stayed there except for the odd peek until I emerged into bright sunshine from the locker room on my way home. At times the clouds looked very threatening and at the top of the hill it even snowed briefly, despite the warm temperatures.

At 16:40 it is 10 C at the house with some sun and many clouds, some of which are pretty dark.

A basic scenery shot of Mount Fernie and the Three Sisters.

Cedar Bowl

Looking back up Cedar Ridge

A rare shot down North Ridge, which had pretty nice conditions. Nice dress!

Polar Peak from the top of White Pass. Those dark streaks don't look all that friendly.

The Currie Chutes with a sunnier valley in the background.