March 20, 2002

One of Those Legendary Days

The ski hill likes to use the term legendary in its reports and today the term was well justified, for I am sure folks will be talking about this one for a while to come. Not only was the powder deep - often up to mid thigh even when standing still - and of the very highest quality, but it was also a brilliant sunny day and they opened everything except the Face Lift. Despite the legends, it is not often we get one of our breath control days, where timing your breathing is necessary to avoid a throat full of snow, and getting one with sunshine is really rare. This was certainly one of the best days of the last several years.

If there was any negative, it was that it was cold, but that sort of goes with excellent powder conditions. Still with the sun it was fairly comfortable for the most part, but if you got in a windy spot there was a fair risk of frostbite even late in the day. Definitely a small price to pay for all that fluffy delight though. :-)

At 15:20 it is -11 C with just the odd cloud.

The stuff of legends! Snake Ridge.

There is lots of snow in our yard and the view from our neighbor's first floor is a bit limited these days. This is from our front door.

Looking across Cedar toward Snake Ridge.

and looking back from the far edge of Blueberry.

Even semi packed, Sunny Side was in great shape.

Polar Peak glimmers above Currie.