March 13, 2002

Powder a Plenty

Another day brought another spin of the weather wheel and this time it came up powder. I was late, but even tracked the snow seemed particularly fine. Down low it did become a bit firm as it packed out in some heavily traveled areas, but nice over your knees powder was common off trail. Although I wasn't out long, I didn't find any trace of yesterday's crust and while the odd crunchy bit could still be found, these were becoming pretty rare.

Lizard was closed above the Tower Six road and only Cedar Ridge was open in Cedar, so I was surprised when despite the heavily falling snow Currie opened in the early afternoon. It was of course very nice and the bowl echoed with much whooping and hollering, but in my run down the Currie Chutes, I didn't think the snow was quite as deep or as high quality as some I had skied on the old side. Indeed down near the bottom, the snow even became a bit sticky, although still very nice.

At 15:15 the snow has not only stopped at the house, but there is sunshine on the porch where the thermometer is reporting 5 C.

Ripping the Currie Chutes

As the snow pack grows, skiing under the trees involves more ducking. Beside Linda's run.

Looking up at the exit from the left most Window Chute.

Near the top of Barracuda.

Yup, the wind is still out of the North boss! The design of this weather station at the top of Bear apparently didn't anticipate our snow falls.