March 09, 2002

Some Excellent Turns

Strictly speaking I guess that should be some excellent snow, since we are talking about my turns, but you get the idea. The couple of centimeters in the driveway did not prepare me for the billowing knee deep powder still available on Snake Ridge and many other places despite our lunch time arrival. With everything open and the Griz Day's activities occupying folks on the lower mountain, freshies were still abundant despite the weekend traffic, making for some very fine runs.

Although everything was pretty good, it wasn't all wonderful. For instance many moguls sported scraped and slick backsides, some high traffic areas had hard spots and even in Currie Chutes a rasping turn could be mixed in with the mainly sweet ones. This is nit picking though and the day was definitely a very good one by any standards.

I heard that the parking lots were pretty full, but during our lunch time foray the line ups were rather minimal, at least until about two P.M.

The temperature was once again fit for mortals and snow was falling up top most of the time we were out.

At 16:30 it is -2 C at the house and the sun is starting to poke through a hazy overcast.

The powder is deeper when you are only 10. My daughter on Snake Ridge.

Snake Ridge again. Think it looks nice? It was!

The lovely glades of Morning Glory and if you take the right route it kind of fits its blue square designation.

But then again, there are exceptions.

Fluffy manna from the heavens.

There were generally very nice turns over in the Currie Chutes, but one had to watch for the odd scraped spot.

A more populated part of the hill - the center of Currie.