February 28, 2002

The Good, the Better and the Excellent

It wasn't all that hard to find scraped bits today or runs that were a little less than top drawer, but almost all of the skiing was at least pretty good. In fact most of it was quite a bit better and a significant amount was down right excellent thanks to a knee deep or better covering of very high quality fluff. Add pleasant temperatures and sunshine and you get a wonderful mix that is not often surpassed.

Although the hill was only claiming a modest 21 cm in the last 24 hours, it sure seemed like more and it probably would have wise to have headed out early. Of course I didn't head out until noon. Despite the new snow, the entire hill was open, including the Face Lift runs, but the actual lift was not running (mechanical problems apparently), so the only way up there was to walk. Lots of ambitious young folks headed up in search of the holy powder, but this was hardly something that our jaded geriatric group was likely to do. Still in places like Snake Ridge (especially on the Fish side), Easter Bowl, Morning Glory and even the 1,2,3s we managed to find abundant over your knees high quality powder that provided those glorious turns that Fernie addicts crave.

More traveled areas like the bowl centers, Sunny Side and even Mitchy Chutes were still generally very good, but by the time we got to them they had the occasional rasp that can whack a ton of zest out of a otherwise great run. Further down the hill, the steeper spots on lower North Ridge and Freeway (and I am sure others), had abundant ice mixed in with the powder and while probably still good on an objective level, certainly were in rude contrast to the excellent conditions elsewhere. All of the groomed runs I was on were very good to excellent.

At 19:40 it is -6 C and appears to be overcast.

The ambitious heading up the Face Lift the hard way.

and their reward.

Meanwhile most made do with chopped such as this on Bow.

Although tasty bits such as this piece of Snake were readily available.

An unusual image with me out of bounds in Fish Bowl.

Looking across Fish at the infamous 2000 foot.

At the top of Milky Way.

A long shot of Polar Peak risng above Shakey's Acres and the White Pass chair.

Sunny Side (in background) was pretty good, but you had to watch for the dreaded crunch.