February 20, 2002

Before the Storm?

There was some pretty good skiing today. Nothing outrageous or even particularly powdery, but decent skiing nonetheless with plenty of fresh turns off of the beaten path. We pretty much stayed on the shady North facing ridges to avoid the crunchy remnants of previous sun baking, but I made an exception for Steep and Deep. The perhaps ankle deep dense new snow was enough to mask most, but not all of the noisy bits and provided a ride that while not carefree, was pretty good and by no means a white knuckle special. It was all but unskied though and might not have stood up to much traffic.

On the other side of the bowl, Cedar Ridge continues to have very good snow and only the occasional mutant mogul. The same could not be said for the Puff trees, where the moguls were steep, angular and seemed to be maliciously arranged to impede any kind of smooth flow.

The weather elf is providing a good news, bad news story. The good news being that a storm is on the way that will bring heavy snowfall tomorrow afternoon. The bad news involves the 'R' word for Thursday night and Friday, but with lots of snow at the very top. :-(

At 4 PM it is almost 6 C at the house and the blue sky is giving way to clouds.

The belly of the beast - looking straight down Snake Main.

The view across Gorbi Bowl towards the main part of Cedar Bowl.

A surprising line at Haul Back. It was completely gone next run.

From the top of the main run down Cedar Ridge.

Do you like your turns steep and tight? It wasn't so bad - I lured my wife in here and both she and our relationship survived - I think.

When I talk about groomed runs, it is usually Incline, my main route to new side.

The South side of Currie was very nice.

Looking up Currie the lower part of Bootleg Glades - yep took her there too.