February 13, 2002

Middle Age Snow

Yes, just like your humble scribe, the snow is getting a bit crusty, a bit lumpy, has almost no fluff left on top and while perhaps better groomed than in its youth, it certainly isn't as attractive. This does not mean that it is a total geriatric basket case (I am talking about the snow now) and indeed it is hard to imagine how the groomed runs could be any better. Many of the mogul runs are also in excellent shape for packed snow and none of the ones I skied were seriously evil.

Some areas did have some crusty wind pack that could catch you off guard and the light this afternoon was definitely on the flat side, which of course prompted me to bring the camera for some more gray on gray shots. You would be hard pressed to tell it is a colour camera from the pictures I got, but so it goes.

The entire avalanche board was green today and the Face Lift was apparently running, although stopped, presumably temporarily, when I went by it. Something new was an attempt that had been made to groom one side of Diamond Back. This was not altogether successful in my view and I found the soft moguls preferable, particularly at the lower steep pitch where not all the stumps safely ducked the tiller.

The hill seemed quieter than it has been this season, but that is presumably the calm before the holiday weekend storm when Albertans will almost surely stage a serious invasion. This weekend also typically marks the beginning of various spring breaks that continue into March.

There were a few flakes falling this afternoon, but I'm told not to expect much more than a dusting until next week. At a little past five it is -2 C at the house and while there is quite a bit of blue sky, the hill itself looks kind of socked in.

The top of the Bear Lift sits above Cedar Bowl, in this picture from the center trees. Cruiser sits between here and there.

The 'Extreme Hazard' and Steep and Deep areas of Snake Ridge.

In this view from Sunny Side, the Saddles and Easter Bowl ridge sit on the far side of Lizard Bowl.

Upper Highline from the White Pass chair.

Keep doing the 1, 2, 3s and you will come out in these trees, which are now nicely navigable.

Anaconda Glades