February 07, 2002

Not Heavy, Just Pleasantly Dense

The hill's early morning fax claimed 20 cm new in the last 24 hours and that the magic 3 m number for base had been achieved. The wet gruel in the driveway was not all that encouraging though and the mutterings of heavy I heard on the way into the locker room left my expectations pretty low. It was therefore a pleasant surprise to find the skiing, at least to my taste, was really very good.

There is no doubt that the snow was indeed on the heavy side and on the lower, flatter slopes it packed down into disagreeable little lumps that required a more resilient suspension than my aging legs could afford. However on the less packed steeper slopes, I found it cut quite well and provided a smooth and compliant ride. Even the Royal Evil Bumpness of Kangaroo could be managed with a tolerable level of effort and fuss and more civilized terrain inspired confidence and hero turns.

Terrain closures were again wide spread with most of Cedar, all of Currie and the upper part of Lizard all closed. The significant runs of avalanche debris under the rock bands made the prudence of this evident.

At quarter past 7 P.M. the porch thermometer is claiming -2 C, but it feels warmer. The sky is dark of course, but I can see no evidence of stars.

The slightly blocky snow of Cedar Ridge

Looking into Lizard from the middle of Sunny Side.

An opening in the Bear Chutes.

The long view up Boomerang.

Freeway and the gully from the bottom of China Wall

Mitchy Chutes, Blast and Lift Line from the bottom of the White Pass chair.