January 30, 2002

Tasty Leftovers

There hasn't been any sizable amount of new snow in the last couple of days, but things are still generally soft and very nice. My day consisted of just a few runs in the afternoon with my 14 year old son (it is exam week and he doesn't have any to write), but we did still find some lovely uncut powder. Admittedly we did ski in some sublimely ridiculous places to accomplish this, but fortunately both of us have a weakness for twigs in our teeth.

Alas I seem to be getting out of the habit of taking pictures, so even though I had the camera, I came away with a rather small offering. Oh, well, it wasn't that good a day for picture taking anyway. It was overcast and snowing lightly and while there was no significant accumulations, temperatures in the minus teens (Celsius) kept the snow quality very good. While the Face Lift wasn't running, all the rest of the terrain inbounds was open, including the saddles.

At five p.m. it is overcast and -11 C with just the odd lonely flake falling.

My camera shy son tries to flee my lens in Bear Chutes.

The open part of the Bear Chutes was, like much of the off piste stuff, well chopped, but still mainly soft.

Lost in the woods. In order to find someone stupid enough to ski with you in this kind of stuff, you have to grow your own. :-)