January 24, 2002

Fresh Creamery Graupel

Those little white BBs driving into your face are decidedly uncomfortable when you are traveling at any speed, but underfoot they accumulated into a buttery spread that was silky and delightful. Most of my men's day crowd seemed even more enthusiastic about it than I was and some even professed to prefer it to last weekends fluff. This is a position my powder addicted brain has trouble coming to terms with, but still the skiing was undoubtedly very nice indeed.

Despite the modest accumulations so far (the weather folks are calling for big stuff to come), much of the hill was once again closed, including most of Cedar, Lizard and all of Currie. This was presumably a result of the significant winds that have been swirling around and I imagine swelling the cornices and generating big wind slabs above the ski area. With more snow supposedly coming, I fear that terrain could be closed for a while.

A five in the afternoon, it is 2 C at the house, :-( a bit windy, but not precipitating at the moment.

It was still possible to get some white stuff flying today...

but generally it wasn't deep, just smooth and silky

Looking up one of the nice tree lined avenues of Cedar Ridge

'Buck' smooths his way down a Cedar Ridge gully.

Looking straight up the main Boomerang run - an unusual shot for me due to a severe chair phobia.