December 26, 2001

Craig's FAR Update 2001/12/26:
Pretty, but Chilly

I should have had the camera out today, for it was sunny and very pretty, but I am sure my long suffering Nikon was glad to be warmly tucked into its comfy case back at home. It wasn't bitterly cold, but it was chilly enough to nip at your cheeks and get at least my fingers and toes muttering darkly about pain to come.

The skiing up top continues to be good or I guess very good, albeit well used, but down China Wall way it gets firm to icy with just the odd spot of shale making an appearance. In places the moguls have clearly been slipping a few too many steroids in their holiday eggnog, but they are generally still soft enough to be fun.

The crowds were light and I saw no line ups at all, but that is normal for Boxing Day and the hill is bracing for the crush tomorrow. With no new snow forecast, it is going to be hard to work up much enthusiasm for chilly line ups.

At a quarter past four it is clear and -13 C at the house.