December 23, 2001

Craig's FAR Update 2001/12/23: When the Powder is Gone...

I always have a hard time shifting mental gears back to skiing packed after a nice run of powder. It's true that the snow, particularly up top, is still very good and the occasional fluff turn that can still be found, but they just seem to serve as reminders of how good it was. However after a few runs, the mind adapts to its packed fate and I even began to enjoy working those edges. Sigh.

So the bottom line is that there is soft pack up top and while it is firm down below, the grip is still reasonably good. There were more people about, but not many and in eight lift rides I only got company on one and that was when the lift had been stopped when I arrived. Maybe I look unfriendly.

At 3:30 it is -6 C at the house with a gray, but not really promising sky.