December 19, 2001

Craig's FAR Update 2001/12/19: Luscious and Lovely
The boards at the lifts claimed 20 new, which fit with the observed boot high to knee deep, but somehow it felt like more. It was light and fluffy and I just seemed to keep coming upon great untracked swaths, making for a most delightful morning.
Down below the old rain line, you could feel the hard stuff underneath, but it was still pretty smooth, at least until it gets scraped off. A trip down Freeway found the ice and fluff bumps routine and constituted the only slightly sub par run of the day. Even the new side was great, although little was open, while on the old side most stuff except for Easter was open.
At 12:35 it is -2 C and snowing lightly at the house, but the weather elves tell me that we are in for a dry spell. :-(