December 31, 2001

Split Decision

Many or most people probably found it to be a fine ski day, but in our family the opinions were mixed. The females felt that while not outstanding, it was still pretty good, but my son and I were less enthused. We all agreed it was a bit too chilly, particularly for the kids who were clamoring for the great indoors after a very brief outing.

There was in fact nothing really wrong with the snow, particularly given the traffic it has seen. Everything was packed and mogulled, but up top it was still quite pliable and the fast firm lower groomed runs would have been great for high speed, ride the rails cruising if the traffic levels were a little lower. However many of the moguls were steep sided, unyielding and mean spirited and everything was decidedly too firm for my tastes.

It was busy of course, but in our few brief afternoon rides, the lines were not too bad, with just brief waits. I suspect that wasn't always the case this week though and my daughter reported a significant wait at the Elk Chair when skiing with friends earlier in the week. Meanwhile the rest of us did our part in crowd reduction by not even getting up the ambition to head out until today.

At just a little past five P.M., it is -15 C at the house and the sky is still depressingly clear.

The shady side of the valley. The slopes don't spend a lot of time in the sun this time of year.

Holiday season bustle at the base area, but the lines weren't too bad during our few runs.

Lower Cedar Main.

Lizard Bowl from the bottom of (not so) Sunnyside.

Our door wreath pretty much sums it up - Let it snow!