December 21, 2001

A Tardy Report

It is eleven at night, which is a silly time to be writing a ski report, but as it is my son's fourteenth birthday I am rather late at getting around to it. I probably shouldn't bother, but I lugged the camera around today and so decided better late than never.

There has been no snow of significance for the last couple of days, but the skiing is still pretty good. Fluffy turns are getting harder to find, but they were still available if you dug a little deeper. Not all that deep though even late in the day as a few very nice turns on Snake Ridge proved

Lower down it wasn't as nice and things like Freeway and lower Diamond Back were rather crispy and crusty. The lower groomed runs were quite firm and while generally reasonably grippy, there were certainly places that tingled my rather sensitive ice receptors. Still, these are pretty minor gripes considering the very good skiing that was available.

We have now reached the stage where the base and coverage is quite good and the key factor in determining ski quality on any given day is simply the weather in the preceding couple of days. Let's hope the Griz keeps up the good work. :-)

At eleven P.M. it is -8 C at the house with just the odd lonely flake falling.

Cedar Bowl and Snake Ridge from the top of Bear

Looking down Snake Main with Spruce and the top of the Haul Back in the upper center.

The bottom of the extreme hazard area has already started to grow its annual snow cracks.

Looking back at Snake with the extreme hazard area in the middle and a still fairly bushy Steep and Deep at the right.

Later in the season these little trees on the South side of Currie should be covered, but for now they add a certain extra excitement to the ride down.