December 15, 2001

Slab Day

The faxed ski report from the hill this morning heralded 'Deep Dish' powder, which was pretty accurate as long as you realized that implies a healthy crust. It was the first clear day in a long time and perhaps that allowed them to open everything except the face lift. However the snow in those previously closed bowls had developed a substantial wind slab that in places was strong enough to support you, for a while. Still I rather enjoyed it as did at least some other veteran Fernie crust and slab bashers I spoke to, but others, including my daughter, were rather unimpressed.

Some high sheltered areas were spared most of the slab and a tree run on Snake Ridge was notable for nice dense creamy snow. By the time we got down to the KC Chute elevation though, the going got tougher. Well chopped areas on the more trafficked runs seemed pretty nice up top, but were a little bit firm down low. Coverage continues to improve and a run in Cornice chute region was sweet and had relatively un-congested exit routes (relatively being a key term). The gully in lower Currie was a crust buster special though.

At twenty past five it has clouded over and is -4 C at the house.

The town of Fernie and the Elk Valley framed by satisfyingly snow laden trees.

Cedar Bowl with a bit of Sunshine on Snake Ridge.

Snake Main at the top with the lower KC chutes at the bottom right and the extreme hazard area at the right.

Still no tracks? That was soon remedied with our scrawls in the cream cheese snow.

Some where on the Currie Chutes with the bowl in the background.

It seems they really don't want Currie traffic heading on the Meadow. The snipers nests should be ready for the holidays. :-)