November 29, 2001

The Flakes are coming, The Flakes are coming!

No I don't mean the Aussie snow boarders, but rather the nice light fluffy snow that has been falling on and off for the last couple of days. ;-) It got serious yesterday and by this morning there was ankle deep powder in the driveway, so my wife and I headed out to play.

We didn't take any equipment or slidy things and we only went as high as the Bear's Den, a failing I will attribute to Chris rather than admitting that having recently turned 50 - gulp! - I now find pushing the walker through the snow a bit trying. Still, geriatrics notwithstanding, it was a blast just skipping, running and bounding down Elk through the almost knee deep powder. Have I mentioned I really like snow? :-)

We are still well short of reasonable opening snow, but the Griz is continuing to do his thing and the weatherman is predicting continuing snow and flurries for the next five days (we will strenuously ignore the suggestion of the 'R' word for the weekend). This suggests that there is at least a reasonable chance of a decent opening day as scheduled on December 7th.

At 5:15 it is -3 C with the good stuff still falling nicely.

The driveway looked much more encouraging today.

Lizard Bowl with China Wall on the right. There is still lots of flora, but it is at least starting to look like a ski hill now.

Bear from the top of Elk.

The off loading area at the top of Elk.

Ballet and the Bear Chair from the Bear's Den.

Not one, not two, but three snow guns on the bunny run.