November 23, 2001

Semi White Again

The thin veneer of white on my lawn this morning wasn't much, but perhaps we can think of it as a patchy primer for dumps soon to come. Naturally there was more snow up on the mountain and while it was only ankle bone deep at the Bear's Den and about hiking boot deep halfway up Lizard, it is at least a start, or I guess I should say a restart. The weather reports are encouraging, so there still may be hope for an on time opening, although Griz may have to work a few double shifts to make it happen.

I am afraid there isn't much else to report. There seems to be lots of work crews doing little things here and there and I saw them giving the new staff lift evacuation training today. Somehow the trainees looked awfully young and light to my cowardly eyes and if I ever have to be evacuated I am going to insist on a troop of Swartzeneggers on that line.

At little past five in the evening, it is 2 C and raining lightly at the house, but it appears to be snowing up on the mountain.

Looking up Arrow from the middle of Lizard. Sunny Side is on the right.

Easter Bowl is in the background of this picture, which was taken from the lower loop of the Tower 6 road.

Some boarder cut some tracks and did some cultivating on Ballet.

By the time I headed up the hill at about one P.M., the snow was getting pretty thin. It would be all gone when I returned just over an hour later.

There is something kind of sad about folks setting up a snow gun on the grass in the rain. Hopefully the temperatures will drop tonight so they can make use of it.