November 15, 2001

Time to Worry?

Yes, I am pronouncing myself 'Officially Worried'. In the past I have just shrugged off the brown slopes of November and maintained a steely eyed faith in Fernie's ability to transform dirt into good time grins literally overnight. Alas that confidence has been betrayed all too often in recent years and so I am reverting to a more natural course of action, namely whining and sniveling.

Yesterday's deluge chased the snow line up to somewhere around the top of Bear and water running down from the very top of the cliffs above Timber confirmed that nothing escaped the torrents. There is now virtually no snow to speak of for a couple of thousand feet above the base and as the pictures show, even at the top of the Timber Chair, some 2200 feet up, there is nothing but gravel. Even out of the ever present wind up there, there can't be more than ankle deep rain soaked slush.

There appears to be more snow up near the top of White Pass, but by the time I got to the top of Timber, my allotted walking time had conveniently expired along with my enthusiasm for walking in the slushy glup left behind by the rain.

To briefly return to the bravado of yore, there are still three weeks left before the scheduled opening day and that is certainly is more than enough time for the term 'dumped on by Griz' to revert to its traditional meaning. :-)

At 5:30 PM it is a depressing 10 C and the sky seems to be clearing.

The Taleban may have been the only thing disappearing up into the mountains faster than the Fernie snow line yesterday.

Looking down on the base of the White Pass lift was just kind of sad.

What the view would have been like getting off of the Timber Express today. Certainly not encouraging and even Mammoth Head did not appear to have all that much on it.

The top of the Timber Express with Timber Bowl in the background. The top of White Pass is upper left of center.

A closer look at Knot Chutes with upper Heartland in the foreground.