October 25, 2001

Looking Good!

It continues to be a very promising fall and not since 1996 has it been as inpiring this early in the season. It is probably foolish to read much into this, but that fall presaged our last really bountiful snow year and while it is quite possible that a warm rain will wash everything away down at the base, it seems likely that the snow will remain and hopefully accumulate up top. Indeed although it has rained down low this afternoon, up on the mountain it was still snowing. This is markedly different from last year at this time, when a snowless hike to the summit of Polar Peak was still possible.

Although my afternoon walk ended at the top of Ballet (no I didn't take skis), apparently up at the snow plot on Bear almost a half a meter of snow had accumulated. Of course there were numerous hopeful folks heading up to get their first tracks of the season and I heard reports of skiing North Ridge down to Cedar Trail without hitting anything. I couldn't help being a bit skeptical of that last claim, but when I walked down Ballet the snow was almost gaiter deep, so perhaps if they were very careful and very lucky.

At five thirty it is 2 C on the porch and overcast with heavy looking clouds hanging over the hill.

White to the bottom! It may not be deep and it may not stay down here, but it certainly is encouraging.

This trench has suddenly appeared across Lizard Trail just below the bottom of the Bear lift. Drainage problems or toddler trap?

Some eager boarders take a brief break at the Bear's Den before continuing their uphill trudge to hoped for delights.

Looking across Lizard Bowl toward Easter, from the top of Ballet.

Looking down Ballet with the Bear's Den below on the left.