July 14, 2001

Mid Summer on the Mountain

It is another lovely summer in the Elk Valley and while I personally find mid summer a bit too hot, most folks just seem to lap it up. The hill's financial and other woes have meant a break from the frenzy of summer construction that has been the norm the last few years, but it is my perception that the number of lift riding mountain bikers has increased significantly this year. This does tend to push those of use with some semblance of sanity and mortality off of the mountain, but fortunately the trails beyond lift access continue to be relatively tranquil.

It is particularly busy on the hill this weekend, for it is hosting a Canada Cup mountain bike race with several hundred participants including many of the top competitors in Canada. The down hill races were held today and watching these fearless folk fly down rutted twisty trails through the trees, it was tempting to conclude that their cumulative probably IQ was less than their tire pressure, but admittedly that is probably just prompted by envy of their skill and courage.

The cross country races run tomorrow and once again the top folks in this are happy to demonstrate just what miserable chunks of protoplasm the rest of us really are. They will repeatedly, and with seemingly little effort, blast around a course that starts my heart fibrillating just in contemplation.

Unfortunately the court appearance scheduled last week with regard to the ski hill's court ordered protection from creditors was apparently once again delayed for another week and another suitor has apparently come courting. Everyone is eager for some resolution to this mess, but I guess we will have to wait a little longer yet. Needless to say there have been no major improvements on the hill under these circumstances, but minor stuff is still happening. For instance, it appears that the tennis courts are nearly ready again after a several year absence.

Looking down Silver Fox and the Elk Valley from the top of the Deer lift. (This and the two other 'scenery' shots were actually taken yesterday).

Lizard Bowl from Dipsey, just above the bottom of the Bear chair.

Currie Bowl above the meadow flowers on, appropriately, Meadow.

A modern armored knight hustles his alloy steed through the bottom of the downhill course.

While another flies into the top of the half pipe.