June 09, 2001

A Belated Spring Report

I have been getting some email inquiring as to why I haven't posted any reports this summer and while sloth is certainly the primary factor, I can truthfully claim that there hasn't been all that much worth reporting. The low snow pack ensured there were no flood hazards or raging rivers and apart from deer the significant critter count has been limited to a single bear that I encountered up on the hill.

While there has been some construction on existing projects, the Regional District has imposed a ban on new building permits until the hill upgrades the sewage treatment plant. As a result things have been much quieter than in recent years and there won't be major changes in the base area for this winter.

There has, of course been plenty of speculation about the fate of Resorts of the Canadian Rockies and who might be running the hill this winter. The grapevine tells me that yesterday the court gave them another extension on their creditor protection, so most things continue in a state of semi limbo. An interesting question is what will happen if things aren't resolved in time for the sewage plant upgrade to be completed, as ordered by the provincial Ministry of the Environment, before next season.

Not everything is at a stand still though and the trail crews have been busy rehabilitating and rerouting some of the mountain bike trails. A new trail has appeared off of the cat track near the top of Power Trip. While it generally doesn't appear too radical, it does have a shortcut across one switch back that consists of a bridge that just ends about 2 m off of the ground!

The weather has been kind of variable, with a hot dry spell followed by a stretch of the cool and wet stuff more typical of Fernie at this time of year. A vicious wind storm blew through a week ago Friday night and a large and apparently health spruce in our back yard was one of several trees around the subdivision that succumbed to it. Alas our trampoline did not survive the incident. The other pictures in this report were from yesterday, when it was mainly sunny and warm, but at the moment it is stormy and hailing, so we are once again eyeing all our timber friends warily.

Our trampoline apparently did not appreciate Mr Spruce's attempt to join in the fun (taken a week ago).

Lizard Bowl in it's summer garb, as seen from the Bear's Den

Lizard Bowl again, this time from where the new mountain bike trail cuts off of the road.

The bridge to nowhere. For those bold enough, the new trail includes this half bridge which guarantees serious air.

The landing zone is over two metres down - definitely for the young and quick healing.