April 19, 2001

Rule of the Sun

Conditions today were highly dependent on exposure to the sun. Shady areas tended to be crispy and well broiled spots were often goopy. However if you could find a nice medium raw area, it was just right.

For those partial to groomed runs here were lots of nice groomed ones to choose from. However those of us who prefer off piste stuff had to look a little harder for those areas tended more towards the extremes of hard or sloppy.

Still there was lots of stuff out there for everyone to have fun with and coverage remains very good for this close to the end of the season.

The Powder, Peddle, Paddle goes this weekend, so any teams that want to participate need to get their entries in soon. Also if there are any folks out there owed money by Resorts of the Canadian Rockies, I understand that you only have until May 4th to file the necessary forms if you hope to collect any of it. Apparently not all creditors are aware that this condition exists.

At four P.M. it is 12 C at the house with a partially cloudy sky.

The Boom liftie was hard pressed to keep up with the crowds.

Timber Bowl from the bottom of the White Pass lift.

Bear looks pretty decent for the second half of April in a crummy year.

Cedar Bowl.

Currie from 123. The surface was a bit hard and lumpy, but a little bit of loose snow helped.

The center of Currie was mushy but still okay.