April 17, 2001

Why are you reading this?

The Fernie ski season now has just five days left and it is getting hard to imagine anyone actually wasting their time reading this. What is even stranger is that I would waste my time writing it. ;-)

I hadn't skied since Saturday morning and then my last run had been a none too shabby powder run. However in the mean time, really warm temperatures have snapped the hill violently back into spring mode and I must say the sticky goop I found out there this afternoon did not inspire much enthusiasm on my part.

The groomed runs and any place that was well packed were admittedly not too bad, but the off piste stuff I encountered was sticky, lumpy and inconsistent. Perhaps if I hadn't suffered a powder relapse the last couple of weeks I might have enjoyed slogging through it, but today I just couldn't be bothered and ended up on trail most of the time.

The snow is still holding up well for this time of year, but some lower runs are showing some signs of stress. For instance lower North Ridge below the Haul Back is again all but dead and Meadow looked somehow diseased with a multitude of dark gray water logged splotches, although I didn't encounter any actual hazards on it. Up top things are fine and over all the snow is still better than at almost any time during the season.

One of the ski patrol informed me I was one of just 250 people who turned up today and even that sounded like a lot judging be the deserted slopes. It was just plain lonely out there.

At a little after 6 PM it is mainly cloudy and an ideal, for mountain biking, 12 C at the house.

The snow pack has almost managed to cover all the bushes in the center of Boomerang.

Griz Peak looms above Cedar Bowl in this shot on upper Cedar Ridge.

The brown is back on lower North Ridge.

In Currie, with the top of White Pass at the upper left and upper 123 and Down Right leading down.

Currie from the bottom.