April 14, 2001

Just Another Nice Morning

It snowed at the house most of yesterday, but it was warm enough that the driveway was still completely clear when I headed out this morning. The prospect of nice fresh turns up top and no snow to shovel - what a deal. :-)

It didn't turn out to be quite as nice as some days earlier this week, but it was still a pretty sweet morning. If you picked your spot and time carefully, real powder was abundant and making new tracks was easy.

However there was considerable variation in the snow quality, with a fair amount of wind pack, some hard packed areas farther down and even some frozen lumps under the snow in a few places. Indeed in places the wind pack and hard packed were interspersed in the moguls making for a rather tricky skiing.

Any grumbles about that stuff soon evaporated after a turn or two in the powder off of White Pass and in Currie. I did not ski on the South side of Currie, but even by 11 the sun seemed to be making it sticky as I traversed across it. Upper Lizard below the Saddles was a delight though and not wind packed as I feared. Easter was also very good, but the same could not be said for Freeway.

At twenty to two it is now mainly cloudy and 5 C at the house.

The upper main part of Easter still has its share of shrubbery, but it is now quite navigable and the snow was very tasty.

Cedar Bowl from Cedar Ridge

The Knot Chutes are in the background of this picture taken in Timber Bowl

Currie Bowl with the Currie glades in the background