April 12, 2001

Fernie Smorgasbord

Yep, you could find just about any kind of snow you might like, or not, out there today. In shady and treed areas there was still some very nice powder to be found, but in areas tickled by the sun, sun crust or soggy goop might well be served up and a touch of ice could even be found in a rare spot or two. In some places these variations could be experienced from turn to turn, which certainly kept things from being dull.

While there did seem to be a bit of malaise affecting our group today, it was probably just a bit of let down from the excellent conditions of the last few days. Overall the skiing was still really very good, particularly considering that it is the middle of April. Coverage continues to be good and opportunities to explore are still improving on the upper mountain, at least for those who are alder tolerant.

At a little before 8 PM it is partly cloudy and 1 C with just a few flakes falling at the house.

Boarders at the top of the face lift contemplate some air time on the Great Canadian.

Getting to the lower part of the extreme hazard area involved some serious relationships with the alder community and once there the snow quality was about what one should have expected from a low South facing slope on a sunny April day.

Arrow is at the upper left and Sunny Side is in the center of this shot from the bottom of Easter Bowl.

The snow on 123 was variable, but all on the good side of the range.

Looking up Currie with Down Right at the extreme right and the lower part of 123 in the center.