April 10, 2001

Freshie Fest

Ever since old Griz got out of rehab back in late March, he has been working hard to reestablish his rep as a major snow god. I am sure the spring and summer gods, whatever they might be called, must be miffed, but Griz was back at it today with an attitude. A nice little overnight dump wasn't enough so he got busy with some major blizzard activity this morning. This worked out really well for the patrol managed to get most of the hill open (the exceptions being the Saddles, the Face Lift and the Cedar High Traverse) and all that terrain was just too much for the few of us out there to seriously thrash. Even where tracked there was little reason not to be able to make most of your turns in uncut.

Unlike Sunday, the snow on most of the mountain (say above Bear's Den) was genuine powder running typically boot deep, but with some over the knee stuff as well. Down lower the snow did get heavier and it probably wasn't a fun day for the groomed run crowd. Apparently yesterday was rather on the crunchy side and at least early on you could still feel some lumps under the snow in Cedar, but over in Currie it was all sweetness and grace down to well below Trespass Trail. An untracked chute in Easter was the run of my day, although the crust I found in the Window Chute trees was somewhat less friendly.

It about half past two and the snow has tapered off to just the odd flake falling at the house. It is -1 C on the porch.

Bad day for pictures. This is on Cedar Ridge

Looking down Freeway, Giggly Gully and Dipsey to the bottom of the Bear Chair

123 in Currie - very nice.

Just what I was looking for - an untracked chute in Easter Bowl

That was so good I had to take a shot looking back up.