April 01, 2001

The Griz's April Fools Prank - January

A friend and I were commenting today that on the upper mountain it now feels more like January than April. Dark cloudy days with a nearly continuous series of little snow squalls replenishing the 'ho, hum another powder day' experience along with a base, that while still too twiggy, sees a satisfying number of new holes appear daily, is more like early winter than mid spring. True we haven't had any really big dumps and the warm and wet sticky snow farther down the hill is always ready to remind you that it is almost tulip season, but I don't hear anyone complaining.

It was probably another excellent morning, but a late night, a time change conspiracy and general sloth ensured we weren't there to sample it. By the time we did get out around noon, the true untracked was pretty much limited to those free of any irrational, or perhaps even rational, fear of bark. Still even where chopped, the turns were smooth and friendly up in the high areas, with ankle to boot deep real powder. Once again the extra elevation of White Pass gave it the best stretches of the good stuff, but there were good turns to be had in all the bowls. I even enjoyed the heavy glup farther down, but I suspect you might get a another story from those with a different set of perversions. Indeed I found little to complain about today other than the occasional lack of visibility and the wheezing of my long suffering wife as I dragged her to various spots that any intermediate should fear to tread. Was that a cool breeze that just blew through the house?

At 5 PM it is now 3 C at the house and snowing hard, although most is melting down here.

The late bird gets the bush. For we afternoon warriors, it was necessary to dig a little deeper into bark country to get untracked.

Puff looks, and skis, better than it has all winter.

The 123s were excellent as expected and the tree bowl at the bottom was even a reasonable, if tight, option.

Even the mud fields of Dipsey are now white. Visibility was sometimes a little less than ideal though..