March 08, 2001

The End is Near!

I think it may well be time for the priest. I don't know when the hill will actually close, but I have a feeling that for the first time my season might end before the lifts close. Its not that I didn't have fun skiing today or that there weren't good turns to be had, but one has to be ever more vigilant for rocks and other nasties and at some point it just won't seem worth the risk to one's skis and body. Now I am rather pessimistic by nature, but in recent days I have been hearing words like horrible and awful describing the conditions in lift chair conversations. That seems a bit harsh to me, but if you are a visitor and don't know just how to pick your spots, I could see how that might be a fair assessment.

It was warm and sunny again today and the sun rot continues. Wallaby is now closed and Lower North Ridge probably should be. Brown spots are growing on Bear, Lower Boom Ridge, China Wall and of course Dipsey. It appears the cat crew attempted to groom upper Lizard Trail and then abandoned the effort as hopeless. Even in the upper good snow areas one can encounter rocks and what not where you just don't expect them, although to be fair there are lots of good turns available if you time the sun well. However deep shade areas that are steep are liable to be lethally icy, so considerable care is needed before venturing into such places.

The fact our men's day group set a record for an early arrival at the bar today and next week's get together is rather in doubt pretty much sums up the situation.

It did cloud over today and is supposed to be cloudy for the next several days, which will help put off the ravages of the sun. However by the time I got home tonight it had started to rain and an ominous warm wind was blowing. At six thirty it is 5 C and raining very gently at the house.

Sun cancer eats at Bear and without immediate fluffotherapy it will surely be terminal.

Surprise, surprise. Who would expect these ski gnawing fangs of rock on the normally innocent Cascade roll.

There was good stuff as suggested by this image of Cedar Bowl.

I couldn't resist another shot of the devastation around the Bear's Den.