March 01, 2001

The Joy of Reduced Expectations

I wasn't out yesterday, but the tales of howling winds, emerging rocks and wind polished runs combined with the continued parsimony of the snow gods left me with gloomy visions of today's skiing. Only the lure of skiing with the men's day group pried me out of my comfy chair and up to the slopes.

To my surprise I had a rather good day and the conditions were at least passable. Of course that is all subjective and the skiing always seems better when chasing the Buckmeister in a futile attempt to emulate His Smoothness. Certainly the sun and wind had exposed some nasties and View Trail was once again the best route down from the Haul Back, with lower North Ridge now reduced to about 150 cm wide track of grunge free snow on the far edge. Still as has been the case through much of the year, the quality of the snow was pretty good in many places. There certainly were hard ugly spots, but particularly in gullies and other sheltered spots the wind had left some good turning stuff. I am not talking loose deep snow here, but rather decently gripping soft snow.

The groomed runs were perhaps a bit firm, but generally cut well and made for nice cruising in many spots, however a sharp eye was still key to ski health outside of the snow making areas.

At 7:20 pm it is a balmy 1 C at the house, but I at least can't see any stars.

Standard pretty picture of Polar Peak and Currie Bowl. Note the promised afternoon snow clouds.

The top of Freeway was certainly less than inviting, but surprisingly the rest of it was not its normal icy self and skied quite nicely. This was also true for the gully between Freeway and China Wall.

Super Dave floats down Cedar Ridge, which was in fairly reasonable shape, assuming you picked the right routes.

Looking up Arrow from Bow. The moguls on the right weren't exactly soft, but weren't downright hostile either.