February 18, 2001

It's Snowing

I have to write fast so I can keep that title. In this season of teases, nice fat Fernie snowfalls have been rare and brief, but I am hoping that maybe this time it will be different. True the weather folks are only calling for 3 cm in Sparwood, but they have been wrong so many times the other way recently, I figure we are owed one - or a few dozen.

It snowed on and off all day, with occasional heavy bursts, but it started getting serious later in the afternoon. Even before that the new snow was helping to stave off the depredations of the holiday weekend crowds, but not altogether successfully. There were the anticipated rocks and scraped areas, but not nearly as many as I would have thought given the traffic. In most places the skiing was actually pretty good, although it certainly helped to like moguls. Everywhere off of the groomed runs their pointy presence was felt and they seemed to worm their there way into even the tightest tree spots. Visibility was occasionally a bit of an issue as well, which of course helps to make moguls a bit more interesting. ;-)

When I first arrived and saw the line up at the Elk Chair, I almost headed home. It took well over 10 minutes to get through the line as a single, although I don't think in this case single was much faster than traveling herd. Fortunately the other line ups proved much more tractable and as a single I rarely had to wait more than a minute or so. There were lots of folks moving around on the hill though and having a few more eyes would have been a help. The section of Elk down to the bottom of the Bear chair was particularly hectic when I passed through and I think it would have beeen pretty intimidating to a newer skier.

Made it! It is now quarter to five and it is still snowing hard with a temperature of -6 C on the porch.

The Elk and Mighty Moose line ups with Lizard Creek in the background.

Looking up Cedar Center from the top of the gully.