February 06, 2001

Another Fine Day

I hear that a big storm swept just South of us over the weekend leaving lots of snow in its wake. While it missed us and we are still waiting for a 'big' one, the hill did pick up another 11 cm over the last couple of days and even this slow accumulation is definitely making its effect felt.

The skiing was generally very good today, with some powder still available, firm but grippy groomed runs and hardly a rock to be seen. Even the high traffic areas like lower North Ridge, Wallaby and High Line were in good shape when I passed over them. In fact the only places I went which were somewhat tacky were the convex on lower Cedar Center and the area around the bottom of Falling Star and even that was much better than when I was last there. Granted I wasn't about to try problem children like Puff (close though) or Diamond Back, but even Heartland and Deep Sea looked fine, although I didn't choose to sample them myself.

I did give Tom's run a shot and found it quite good and while the rock band that runs along the bottom of the Currie Chutes certainly requires care and quick turns, these chutes are definitely back on my list of places to go. I also took my first walk up Siberia Ridge today to try out the Morning Glory trees from the top and the resulting very sweet soft ankle deep turns were well worth the short climb. Alders still choke the lower sections requiring an exit to Falling Star sooner than you would like, but it was a fine run all the same.

Just after three P.M. there is a mix of sun and cloud, but the porch thermometer is in the sun and reading well above zero. I suspect the actual temperature is more around the freezing mark.

Cedar Center, Trillium, Blueberry (sort of) and Snake Ridge are all visible in this shot from the Cedar Center trees.

Lizard Bowl from the bottom of Sunnyside, with Bow in the center.

Snow encrusted trees in front of the cliff above the top of White Pass.

The Morning Glory trees had some truly fine skiing today.