February 03, 2001

A Good Day

The snow that was falling when I wrote yesterday's report ceased almost as soon as I had stopped typing, but today proved to be a good one nonetheless. For some reason the official report that was faxed out this morning (they are good enough sports that they actually send me their report to abuse), reported only a trace of snow in the last twenty four hours. Even in the most jaded moments of the best powder porker years, I wouldn't have called yesterday's snow fall a mere trace. The sign at the Elk Chair this morning claimed a much more credible 11 cm.

As upper Cedar had been closed for much of yesterday, we soon found ourselves enjoying some very fine turns in the center trees. There wasn't much vertical in previously closed stuff, but even below yesterday's open line the skiing remained really good. Indeed even the oft times ugly lower Cedar Center was bordering on being good or at least passable this morning. Farther over, Red Tree was also very good and although far from pristine, you could still find lots of soft boot high turns.

Inspired by some lift conversation, we decided to investigate farther along the Currie Chute traverse and discovered you could make it at least to Barracuda without too much trouble as long as you kept you eyes open and didn't try to stay too high. The ugly bit between Barracuda and Currie Creek looked dubious though (it might be fine), so we skied down a bit before cutting over to take Currie Creek to the bottom. This consisted of powdery moguls with the odd hard bit and lots of foliage of various sorts that resulted in a busy but good run.

At the bottom I chose to try the gully as an exit route from Currie and it also kept me busy, but the obstacles were mainly twigs and little stumps etc. In contrast my wife took Gilmar's and found it to still be fairly ugly with lots of rocks and gravel. There were other ugly spots too, including the pitch below the Haul Back on North Ridge and pretty much everything between the top of the Timber chair and the bottom of White Pass and I am sure other spots. Still our skis survived another day with no significant injury.

At quarter past three is partly cloudy and 0 C at the house.

Sun, clouds and snow in Currie. Looking South from above Concussion Chute.

Upper Timber Bowl from the top of White Pass.

Currie Creek was good as long as you could avoid the vegetation.

Powder and trees in Cedar. The gun tower and the top of the Bear Chair are visible in the background.

The out of bounds Fish bowl still has a nasty case of the fuzzies. From Red Tree.