February 01, 2001

Succinct Report

It was men's day today and the inevitable beer and late supper have left little appetite for a verbose report. Fortunately there is little new to mention. The menacing clouds of yesterday afternoon came up dry, but the earlier snow continues to leave a considerable amount of decent skiing. Rocks, gravel and what not continue in places and a sharp eye is a definite asset, but my good skis survived another day with no significant damage. Paraphrasing our mentor Dave, the skiing between the rocks is really good.

At twenty past eight in the evening, it is a balmy 2 C and the sky is a mix of stars and cloud.

The bushes in the center of this image is where the KC chutes should be. At the left is lower Cedar Center, which had been groomed, but only semi successfully.

The weeds in Boomerang looked sparse enough, but were enough to keep all of us thrashing except for Master Dave who somehow appeared to be skiing on a clear slope.

The junction of Cedar Center and Cruiser.