January 28, 2001

Promises Come, Promises Go, But Still No Snow

Well almost no snow for the ski hill reported a couple of centimeters in the last day, but all the forecasts of snowy days disintegrated into just cloud. :-( Surprisingly, conditions on the hill have not been deteriorating and in fact have probably been improving somehow despite the lack of significant new white stuff. You get very mixed opinions about the conditions these days and while I was in the locker room I heard both that it was 'brutal' and also that it was pretty good from different long term, hard core locals. After sampling it I would probably side more with the latter, albeit with all of the normal caveats. I guess it just depends where you went and what you hit on any given day.

In my few runs this afternoon, we were mainly off piste and I really didn't find much to complain about other than the obvious lack of fresh deep powder. There was even some ankle deep blown in snow in places that skied just like real snow. However it had to come from someplace and so some exposed places were rather wind scoured.

There was quite a difference in weather between the top and bottom of the mountain, with the bottom being rather warm and pleasant and the top being chilly and quite windy. A cloud layer lurked around the interface providing occasionally foggy sections.

Rocks and frozen bare spots continue to be a problem in some high traffic areas. These probably constitute a small percentage of the skiing area, but they tend to be in hard to avoid funnel spots such as the exits from the bowls.

At four thirty it is -6 C at the house under a thin cloud.

The village and the valley from just above the bottom of the Timber Chair (lower right).

Looking up at Currie and the then fog shrouded White Pass from the Ski Hill Road.

Lizard Bowl from Easter with Sunnyside on the right and then a foggy Arrow, which joins Bow in the center of the picture.

Knot Chutes from the now sunny White Pass chair.

On the South side of Currie.

Fog flows down the Concussion gully while Polar Peak and the other Currie chutes gleam above.