January 14, 2001

Centimeter by Centimeter

The ski hill reported another 3 cm this morning - hardly worth mentioning in a normal year, but we will take what we can get now. Actually there is nothing like a dose of snow poverty to make you appreciate every little offering and this did indeed make things a bit better again. In fact my daughter and I spent the day on the new side and skied most of the time on stuff that required no apology whatsoever. My son in turn spent his time on the old side and claimed to have found some really fine skiing there as well. However he swore me to silence as to where. :-)

Yes there are still rocks and gravel, but like Pavlov's dogs we are now well trained in the routes that avoid the worst of them. Even the ugly spots must be improving though, for they reopened Deep Sea, although I saw no reason to inspect it personally.

At 16:40 it is -3 C at the house and the skies are clearing.

The top of the mountain was sandwiched between cloud layers at times this morning. Currie Bowl from White Pass.

The Currie trees were again quite nice today.

Tara takes a break in what she termed the surprisingly good Surprize Chutes.

On Concussion Chute.

Farther down Tara discovers the perils of poor route selection in alder country. She did manage to cheerfully self extract herself from this trap though.