January 05, 2001

A Little Snow, A Little Rain

The precipitation came last night, but it was warm and that meant rain down at the base. The upper limit of the rain line was probably somewhere a bit above the Bear's Den or around the bottom of White Pass, but there was still some snow farther down. The snow was heavy and paste like on most of the mountain, but wasn't so deep (13 cm up top according to the hill) that it was all that hard to ski. It actually pretty nice in a relative sort of way and certainly an improvement. The snow was quite a bit drier, although not powder, on the first few hundred feet off of the White Pass chair, but with Currie and the upper runs on the skier's left of the chair closed, there wasn't a lot of variety up there. Deep Sea was still closed and the cat track out to Diamond Back and then back was still the best way out.

As you might expect the lower runs did not benefit from being rained on and there was a lot of brown in places.

The bottom of the Bear Chair was below the rain line. :-(

While the upper part of Timber was above the paste line. :-)

Looking up from the bottom of White Pass. Heartland is in the upper left.

Lower Siberia Ridge was well in the rain zone, but not bad despite the abundant wind blown tree debris and a few bare spots.