December 25, 2000

A Merry, albeit Snow Free, Christmas

There is still no new snow, so things haven't changed much. Some runs are getting worse, but some have actually improved as a result of a grooming crew that has been doing a great job with not much to work with (it must be like icing a cake without enough icing). Surprisingly, one of the nicest spots we encountered was the lower part of Silver Lining on the new side.

However we also had the decidedly dubious pleasure of inspecting Deep Sea up close. The plan had been to head up to the top of White Pass and down Falling Star, but an ugly goggle icing mist was developing and proved to be much worse farther up, so when we go to the bottom of White Pass we decided to just head down. How bad could it be? As it turned out, quite bad indeed, as it was almost impossible to avoid all the rocks and what not sticking almost through the snow. Only by careful tip toeing were we able to get down without serious damage.

They have opened the upper part of Cedar Bowl and the traverse off of the top of the Bear Chair. The snow was a bit stiff and there were lots of shrubs, but at least at this stage nothing really nasty.

At a little past 4 it is cloudy and -1 C at the house.

Upper A Cedar from Cruiser.

Cedar Ridge in the background from lower Cedar Center.

March of the alders. KC Chutes in the foreground and Snake Main at the back.

Deep Sea. Don't go there!