December 08, 2000

Grim Prospects

We are still waiting for snow and with what I reckon to be a meter needed before the hill can reasonably open, the prospects for next Friday (the 15th) are pretty grim. While Fernie can get 100 cm in a week, it doesn't happen that often and the forecasts are not encouraging. It was cloudy and gloomy all day, but apart from a couple of tease flakes, nothing fell.

They have groomed much of the lower hill now and while that did chew up much of the grass, it also revealed just how thin the base is and dirt and rocks show up in lots of places. We just need a lot more snow to get going.

On a brighter note, work resumed on the lift this week (another rumor bites the dust) and when I went by the base of it today, many of the chairs were hanging from the cable. There are still few more to go and the chairs I saw didn't have their safety bars etc., but things appear to be proceeding nicely.

The hill is still officially hoping to open on the 15th, but is well aware that it is pretty much wishful thinking. I am told that after that they will take things on a day to day basis and could open with in a day or two of finally receiving sufficient snow

The wait continues. :-(

This look down Silver Fox from near the top of Deer pretty much tells the story - we need a lot more snow.

The snow is good on the bunny run though. The little carpet tow has been moved this year to beside the Mighty Moose. That is it left center.

Boomerang Ridge from the bottom of the Boom Chair.

There was lots of equipment at the base of the Bear Chair

And many (most?) of the chair are now on the cable.

Just above the base area. Hardly fine sliding and I couldn't even bring myself to subject my evil XC skis to this and walked down from here.