December 03, 2000

Slowly Improving

There was a little more snow last night, although it was probably less than 5 cm at the house. That is not really enough to justify clearing the driveway, but I did it anyway just for pretend purposes. :-) Of course farther up there was more snow and the base is slowly building up.

They have groomed some of the lower runs now and the cat tillers seem to make pretty effective lawn mowers, which at least makes the slopes look tidier. Up in the bowls the wind has moved the snow around leaving some fairly deep spots and of course some not so deep ones. There is certainly enough snow to ski or board if you don't mind slaloming the twigs and your equipment has a high pain threshold.

There were lots of folks up on the hill today, although from some of the expressions and body language, I am not sure all of them were quite ready for the climb. I am sure that they all thought I was nuts walking back down, but so far my jaded old soul is still happy to wait for better stuff.

The Leitner ski lift folks who have been installing the new Bear Chair, have been conspicuously absent since last Thursday. This has resulted in rumours that they have left the job for some reason, thus imperiling the completion of the lift. I prefer the version that has them just taking a welled deserved long weekend, although I must admit I didn't see any of their equipment around the base of the chair today and I have heard ominous murmurs from folks who might know. If they aren't on the job tomorrow, it might be time to worry.

For those who receive this report by email, or would like to, I have created a second list which will distribute the report in HTML format. This means that if your email reader supports it, as most newer ones do, you can view the pictures right in your email program. Note the pictures themselves are not sent until the message is read. The existing list will continue to send straight text messages, although there are a few format changes. If you are interested, visit the web version of the report for links to either list.

Lizard Trail from the bottom. Note the lawnmower effect of the grooming on the right

Lizard Bowl from the bottom of Sunnyside.

Looking down Ballet with the Bear's Den at the lower right

The only lift service available for now is if you can catch a ride on one of the ski snowmobiles.

Easter Bowl