November 23, 2000

Tales from Desert Bowl

Still no snow and while the official page still has next Friday as the tentative opening date, it would take a near miracle for that to come to pass. While a week of storms might get the mountain ready and that is not outside the realm of possibility, it seems rather improbable to me. I think that if I were a betting man, (which I'm not, which in turn makes my current life as a capitalist pig a bit tough), I would put my money on something like December 15th as a more probable date. Hopefully I am just being my normal pessimistic self.

On a brighter note, work on the new Bear Chair looks to be progressing nicely. I have no way to judge how much work is left to do, but there does seem to be the possibility that with a delayed opening, the chair might actually be ready when the ski hill opens.

On my way down, I trekked straight down Dancer from the Tower Six Trail and the calf deep snow near the start made scrambling down through the weeds and shrubs rather fun. By the bottom of China Might though, the snow had been reduced to not much more than a slick coating on the rocks.

Anyone know any unemployed snow gods?

From the ski hill road with the horse barns at the lower right.

The base of the Bear Chair with various makings for the actual chairs stacked about.

The top of Boomerang with Fernie below.

The top of the Bear chair, taken from the base of the gun tower...

and looking back up from near where the old patrol hut was.

Cedar Bowl from the gun tower. Far from ready. :-(