November 09, 2000

Gulag Grunt

For a little variety, or perhaps as a result of some small stroke in reason center of my brain, I decided to walk to the top of the Timber chair today by means of Siberia Bowl. It actually turned out to be a pretty reasonable route, but those dreaded hiking guide words 'steady uphill' certainly apply. Snow became a bit of an issue once I was above the switch back on Falling Star, with depths averaging just a little higher than my ungaitered boots. Replacements for my long lost gaiters were already on my shopping list, but as you might imagine, they are much higher on it now. Surprisingly enough my feet stayed reasonably warm, at least those parts not in direct contact with snow, despite a chilly biting wind that quickly transformed my camel back tube into a useless frozen stick.

While there was enough snow and certainly enough cold up top to make it seem quite wintery, there sure isn't enough snow yet for skiing. Down at the base, there is no snow at all, apart from a couple of pathetic patches around the snow guns on the bunny run. However there are still three weeks until opening and a couple of good storms would make all the difference.

I have finally updated my trail map page with not only the 2000/2001 map, but with some new pictures and revised comments as well. I have probably also introduced some glitches, so please let me know if you see anything wrong.

Trees make an excellent snow line chart.

The ski hill tries to inspire Griz with a little artificial stuff.

Looking back down Falling Star from a little above the switch back. Makes my feet shiver to just look at it. ;-)

Timber Bowl from the top of the Timber chair. Not ready for prime time yet.