October 27, 2000

Deja Report

A group of us took advantage of a fine fall weather a couple of days to walk up Polar Peak. Normally I only post reports from the current day so when I found these pictures in the camera tonight I didn't know what to do with them. They were not only a couple of days old, I did a Polar Peak report just a while ago. However finally decided to post them anyway.

They certainly aren't indicative of the current conditions as it was cold and rainy today in the valley.

The goal. Pretty isn't it?

Two of my hiking companions for the day with Polaris Bowl in the background.

Almost the whole crew. The fellow on the left is Fernie fixture who at 75 still set a pace the rest of us were hard pressed to match. It would have been courteous of him to at least pretend to breath a bit hard occasionally. :-) Of course he does climb three or more mountain a week during the summer!

Looking down from the top of Polar Peak at the top of the new Bear Lift. Note the very tiny amount of snow (lower left) even up this high.

The view across the top of Currie towards the top of White Pass. It is interesting to contemplate that in the late winter folks ski and board off of that ridge/cliff to the right.

Looking down the other side of the Currie ridge into the Sand Creek drainage area.