October 03, 2000

October - the Do It Month

This is the month that the ski hill seems to reserve for getting just about everything done and accordingly I found activity all over the place when I headed up the mountain today. The long dormant tennis courts, which had been repaved back in the summer, have finally started to sprout fences. The chair lift parts that had been lying around in the parking lots are now being assembled and trucks are trundling up the hill with big steel bits. The burn piles created from the logging waste where Silver Fox was modified are ... well, burning.

As predicted the dusting of snow that was on the mountains a while back has disappeared and the weather has been mainly pleasant, with the odd monsoon thrown in for variety - in other words standard fare for this time of year.

Only two months to go!

This picture of Cedar Bowl from near the bottom of the Haul Back is actually a week old, but it was nice and I thought I would use it anyway. The rest of the pictures are all from today.

The resurrection of the tennis courts continues with the arrival of the fence folk.

Tower bits for the new Bear Chair come together at the base of the Timber Express.

What will eventually be the road to Phase II of Timber Landing takes shape to the left of the Timber Tube ski underpass. Of course Phase I hasn't even started yet, but this road is required to provide construction access as construction traffic for this development is banned from our existing subdivision.

The new cross over from Bear to the bottom of Ballet.

Looking straight up the new chair lift line from its bottom station.

Ah, that fresh mountain air. The fall reduction of the burn piles created a scene reminiscent of Brazilian rain forest documentaries. While some care is needed in route picking on the mountain, particularly when going up hill, to keep one's lungs happy, so far the smoke has stayed away from the village.