September 10, 2000

Another Boring Report

Once again I don't have much to report and only a few general snaps to offer up. There still is no sign of the steel for the Bear Chair, which may or may not be ominous. They continue to putter around the base area with new paving stones, concrete steps and a new woody look for the Tamarack. Miscellaneous construction continues in Highline.

It has been raining a lot here the last few days and the single track mountain bike trails are rather muddy, so when it cleared up this afternoon I just took a little stroll up to the Bear's Den. Being a card carrying coward, I long ago decided I was unlikely to ever descendthe tougher mountain bike trails like Kodiak Karnage, but it occurred to me that it might be interesting towalk down it to see what it was like. It turned out to be fairly tricky just to walk down, with lots of groping for footing and hanging on trees etc. The folks who ride down clearly can't be winners in the Darwinian brain derby, but I suppose that has been said at times about me and skiing. I guess it is all perspective, but snow is definitely softer than rocks, although I imagine the trees are equally unforgiving either way. <g>

There is a new event this coming weekend called A Taste of Fernie. I don't really know much about this beyond what is in their press release, but it llooks intriguing.

They have been prettying up the courtyard in front of the Cornerstone. There are now large concrete steps leading down to the court yard and a really big set going down the back to the entrance to the Cornerstone parking garage. It would appear that at least one ski bum's job this winter will involve spending a lot of time with a shovel.

Lizard Bowl and Griz Peak from the dam beside Dipsy.

The Bear's Den area and Lizard Bowl from the top of the Elk Chair

Kodiak Karnage. It is much, much steeper than it looks like here and admission on bikes is limited to young immortals and other mental deficients.

Newly whitened Sisters rise above the Cedar Ridge development